Here you will find all of Phoenix Cafe’s archived posts.

2/28: 7pm Megatherium/ SFI/ HIQC/ Just Plurals/ Reckless Scamps

3/4: 7pm That 70’s Show celebrating Abul’s B-day featuring Abul on Fire and more!

3/6: 5pm Ryan Maceri Band and more 9pm Dope Detroit Music feat. Sam Austins/ B Free/ Sawyer/ Fuzz/ Darryl Lowrance/ Kevin Bailey/OzE FlVsh/ B. Lewie/ Jones Shraux/ AZ/ DonDon

3/7: 8pm Rockin’ in the Radiation Zone feat. Insurgency w/ Poor Player and Agenda 21.

3/12: 8pm Dope Detroit Music w/ Dj Stacey J.

3/13: 6pm Galexsea 6/ Iggy Shivak/ Ryan Yunck Band 9pm Deonta Davelle (hip hop showcase)

3/14: 6pm Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock Metal/Punk/Core/Rock showcase featuring Typhon/ Saturnine Hello/ In Your Memory (MD)/ He Hate Me (PA)/ Morticia’s Chair (OH)

3/18: 8pm Free Your Mind featuring Rachel B. and more tba

3/19: 9pm DCL Collective (full hip hop show with live band)

3/20: 7pm Cabin 7/ Tennyson/ Madhouse

3/21: 7pm Last of the Nasties: Sexuality Show closing feat. DJ Dos Lopez/Galexsea 6/ N2 Submission/ Burlesque dance by Jade Aurora, Holly Hock and Magenta DeMure/ Secret Sircus Pole Dance: Bedtime Stories

3/26: 8pm Ban Fracking Fundraiser: Acts tba

3/28: 8pm Sink or Swim (full hip hop showcase)

4/24: 7pm Secret Sircus Live Model/Pole Dance Drawing and Photography Session

4/25: 5pm Metal Night IV feat. Hyporium/ Typhon/ Our Waking Deception (DE/PA)/ The Artisan (S. Jersy), A Crowd Like You (NY) more tba 9pm Dooley KP and more tba

4/26: 4pm Sunday feature with Eye The Realist (Pomona, CA)/ Young Lungs (PA)/ Titans In Time (OH)/ Men Like Machines/ Aim Your Arrows (acoustic)/ The Escape Plan/ The Reckless Scamps/ The Radiotypes

4/27: 7pm Monday feature with Dreamcatcher (Baltimore, MD)/ Forever and Never (Nashville, TN)/ Ready Set Reset/ The Midwestern Sky/ 5th and Main

5/1: 7pm MAYHYMN 2 night 1 feat. Varsity Rats/ Jamal Molotov/ Social Werq/ JCHA/ S.F.I./ Ryan Yunck Band/ Megatherium/ Vaughn Supreme

5/2: 5pm MAYHYMN 2 night 2  feat. Kid Soave/ Full Dimensional/Abul On Fire/ Blackmail/ Mom Barley/ Neptune Lagoon/ The Vade Experience/ Mahogony Jones

5/3: 6pm MAYHYMN 2 night 3 feat. Hav/ Oze Flvsh/ Forever Golden/ Classic Unity/ Malcolm Elliot/ Troyt/ Superstar Bezzyy/ CPC/ Saviour Monroe/ Wood Zombie and more

5/8: 7pm U. F. O. show! Aliens and Sci Fi art opening featuring electronic and psych acts: Hudpucker/ Juggable Offense/ Cosmic Lightshapes/ Soft White and more tba.

5/9: 8pm Secret Sircus: Hairbands and Heroes Pole Dance Revue

5/11: 8pm Moony Tyson (Akron, OH) and more tba

5/13: 8pm Deathcat show/screening of Telepathic Telephones/ music by Mike Nobody, Doogatron and more!

5/15: 7pm Royale/ Stay Home/ Two Years Today/ and more!

5/16: 7pm Acid Face Melter/ Cabin 7/ Labour Day Weekend/ and more!